In the past several years, Larsson Elevator has accomplished many projects.

1. Project Signature Mall

Of these projects, there is this 5 Star Project - Signature Mall, Nairobi, Kenya.

In this time, we Larsson Elevator provide 19 elevators of different kind, including Passenger Elevators, Residential Elevators, Goods Elevators, Escalators, Moving walkways.

Now the installation has been all finished. Elevators and the mall is all in use.

So we suggest the clients who are not far, they can go to this mall to experience our elevators.

And after that, you may choose to buy our elevators or not.


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2. About the Signature Mall

Address : Mombasa Road 254, Nairobi, Kenya.

Website :


3. Elevators and Installation (pictures)


4. Elevators and Mall in use (pictures)


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